May 22, 2009


Good News!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen your eyes doth not deceive you!

This is the link to my new website which has my teaser/trailer for my new album "HellRazer"

I first apologise for my prolonged online silence but I was busy, I hope you understand.
Secondly I thank you for your prayers and patience, both are greatly appreciated.
I'm sure some of you already noticed but my album cover is different, the reason or reasons 
for this change are many but mainly something to do with the song "Horn of the Lamb"  
never being written. 

Anyway, when my album does come out they will be available on itunes or some other music distribution site akin to that. 
But it might be another month or so before I can get that going.
For now I wil have all my songs playing on a radio on my website, its not up yet but it will be within a week or two.

Yes, I know what you're thinking all yee penniless and uneligible for the credit system.
But let me explain my position.
I am not selling this album because I'm a greedy and trying to make money, but rather because 
I produced this album without financial backing by any entity, whether it be Tooth and Nail Records
or WS or JTB, this is a 100% independent operation and as such it is a 100% financial burden.
I only hope to cover the initial expenses for this album. 
but don't worry someone will rip my music and pass it on, so just be patient.


Mar 20, 2009

Progress Report

Ok Im sorry for leaving you all in the dark the last month.
I was very busy.
the album has been going great, Im really happy with the sound were getting and I think you will be too.
We are now in the last stages of vocals and lead guitar overdubs, mixing is 50% done...(i think)
My new web site is also bieng built and the last few details that need ironing out are bieng taken care of.
Im going to get my own domain and hosting so if I have songs to up-load you cant download directly from the site.
Lord willing this album will be done by the beginning of next month but there is a possibily that I will realese it
a few days later.
Once my site is up I might put a teaser for the album up,
so be patient and keep you eyes and ears open, the album is on the way.

Jan 18, 2009

Jerry rigs and other studio pics

I love Jesses little studio decor thinga-ma-jigs he has laying around, the speaker its on is a Event ASP6. 

that PVC pipe thingy is a genius thing Jesses dad put up to save on studio space.

the Mic thats hangging from it is a Sennheiser Condenser which we are using for Vocals  

that wire running from the guitar jack goes down my pants while I record to get rid of the static buzz. the guitar is Ricks guitar its a PRS Tremontii SE. I love the feel of it, I havent played many guitars that just feel sooo right and this one just feels sooo right.

and that beautiful AMP is my baby, we got a nice tone out of it yesterday when Rick came over, I cant wait to start recording with it.

it is a peavy 5150 eddie van halen model, I think Im gna cry when I have to resale it.

The Mics we are using on this monster are a SM57 and a Shure KSM32 Condenser, which we have running into the RNPs.

Keep Praying this album through. Its been  a fight from the start to the till now and we only have a few more weeks.

Jan 17, 2009

Album Progress

Mike has come and gone, and by a freak miracle we managed to lay down drum tracks for all 10 songs, pretty good for 2 days and a half if you ask me.

Heres a few pics of the equipment and Jesses Studio.

I will try to keep you all posted.

Jan 11, 2009

A successful hunting trip

The 30-06 just took half the face off.

Im proud of this shot.

Jan 5, 2009

Be of good cheer!

The Lord is really pulling this album through, everytime we hit a bump with this project and all seems lost, he manages to pull it through inspite of hopelessness.

As of now the album looks like it will be complete by the end of february, I wont promise anything because its completly in the Lords hands. So keep praying it through.

I will be recording soon so I will be very busy but I will try to find time to update this thing to keep you guys posted, sorry I was sucha delinquent when I was at the states, but it seems I barely had time for even sleep when I was there, no joke. hopefully I will be posting more pics of when I was there and telling you of some of the adventures and stories of my stay there.

untill then stay tuned.