Dec 19, 2007

new guitar

So I have been back in japan for about 3 weeks now,I first went to HCS to pack up my stuff to send here, then caught a plane here (okinawa) Im here at last, with my girlfriend. Its been pretty good so far. anyways, this is a post to thank my 2 little brothers who ever so graciously sponsered a guitar to bounty of dragons, its LTD ESP F-50, I like it. the pinch harmonics squeal like a piggie.and the thrashy riffs sound great on it too, thanks to the ESP humbuckers.

anyways, thanks Jo and James. I love you both.

Nov 25, 2007

300 to the death.

this was made by Neo. we all love him dont we? if there was ever a dedicated fan for all family music it would be him. amen?
NOTE to Neo; I really enjoyed how you matched up the words to the song with the scenes. good job.
peace out bretheren.

Random pics.

the lighter one is...whatever.
the shotgun shots are after a dove hunt.
the frizzy hair freak of a woman is a person who likes to call herself "older sister".

Nov 12, 2007

Squirrel drive!

This was AWESOME! we woke up early that morning to help our selves to the squirrels in the oaks with 12gages. I got 2, Jo got 1 but it was the biggest, and the small pathetic malnourished one is James. after we got home we skinned the squirrel we shot and tanned the hides. we have yet to eat the meat, and frankly I'm not too "jazzed" about the idea but dad insists we do.

Nov 11, 2007


Last night, a white monkey ambushed me in the trailer, I reached for the shotgun, when I thought, if there was ever a kodak moment, it was now. I reached for the digital camera instead.
this skinny specimen is called a Keither. enjoy. I love my little brother.

Nov 5, 2007

Ok so I bet youre all wondering where I mysteriously disappeared. Well for the last month I have been in south Carolina and I will be here also for the following month. I am now a deer processor, I know what your all thinking and well its not that bad. my job consists of skinning, butchering, processing and packing. I work on average 10 hours a day. So heres of few pics for those who are interested. (the pics shown were only taken in the skinning part of the process.)

Sep 29, 2007


Heres the cover for "To The Death". A big hand to Dan Dan for the brilliant art work, thanks man. enjoy!

Sep 21, 2007

To The Death

Hail all headbangers and mosh addicts,the moment you have all been waiting for has now arrived.To The Death is officially completed, wow I feel like a champagne right now.My blood, sweat ,and tears has finally paid off, not to mention the days I couldnt talk, ha ha, no it wasnt that bad.6 tracks, ready for downloading and listening for your personal enjoyment.(thats if you enjoy metal....heh heh) lyrics are posted so that you can understand what Im saying in the unintellible parts.I wouldnt advise listening to this at loud volumes in public areas.So if a mad Uncle gives you a piece of his mind in the kitchen while youre cutting carrots, dont say I didnt warn you, this music isnt for everyone, even in the system the ratio of metal lovers to other genres of music is surprisingly low. So excersice prayerfulness as to where and when you play this music so I wont get in trouble, not to say this music is "out of it", but there is a time and place for everything and sad to say it isnt always for metal. So keep that in mind, and we can all be happy metalists rocking on for Jesus.

NOTE;To all younger audiences, (such as Junior teens and under) should ask the Lord whether they should listen to this, as another mans food can be another mans poison,keeping that in mind please pray,actually everyone should pray because thats what "AME" is all about.Asking your parents wouldnt be a bad idea either, because if they catch you listening to it with out their promission they probably wont be as receptive to your requests to continue listening to it as oppossed to you asking them in the first place.Parents like that stuff, to know what thier kids are up to. anyways just a piece of advice from yours truly.
So pump it loud on your head phones, kick back and enjoy.I will stop rambling.
CreditsA big thank you to my dear friend Shunnie, for all his time spent recording the leads in my songs, My album wouldnt be the same with out your mind blowing solos.Also a big hand to Steve for mastering it, again the album wouldnt be the same with out your magical touch. Thank you for your magical touch.And a big big hand for all my friends who have been supportive of this album, you know I wouldnt have done it with out your encouragement,and to my girlfriend who has been the most supportive. I love you!("Length of Miles" is dedicated to her)

Sep 19, 2007

How to use rapidshare in 3 easy steps

Step 1: click on the link I give you.
Step 2: you should be directed to a page on rapidshare, scroll down, you will have 2 options
"premium" or "free", click "free".
Step 3: you will be directed to another rapidshare page, scroll down, type in the numbers/letters
in the box right under it. press enter.
And your download should start right away. happy downloading.

rejoice! (and be exceeding glad!)

"To The Death" (my album) will be out by the week end. 6 tracks (too bad I couldnt nail the other ones, but I will post them as singles in the future) I will have them uploaded and ready for downloading come friday.Im happy, theyre sounding better than I hoped. still not up to par with "heavenly music" (not by a long shot) but Im sure you will find the quality satisfactory.
I will have the lyrics for each song posted as well as metal can be quite unintelligible.
Dan has agreed to make an album cover for me (thanks dan) looking foward to how thatll turn out as well.
anyways peace out and pray there will be no snags or glitches in the production of the album.

Sep 15, 2007

Album Update/ Band News

Ok so the name for my band is kinda desided. brace yourself!........"the bounty of dragons"
Dorky? tell me if you think so. I think its unique as far as family bands go, and I like it.
wondering who the band members are? I havent got the concent of every band member yet,
but basically its razzmatazz. I need a solid band thats familiar with metal to back me,I couldnt think of better than razzmatazz. Shiro apparently is the double kick god as of now. Ben improved his shredding, Shun was always the speed king, and Jo remains unmatched on the 4 stringer (as far as metal goes).
Ben and Shiro still dont know of my plans. but since Shun and Jo are on board the rest of razz must tag along. in case your wondering my album has nothing to do with razz, shunnie is just helping on the leads.

The album name will be "To the Death" I dunno if I should even call it an album, its too small.

track listing:
To The Death
Alone We Fall
sink or swim
Length Of Miles
(and if I have time, "martyrs")

thats 7 songs. not much of an album. pray that I can get it done, I have 8 days left in japan.

Man I want PACROCK to happen, totally awesome, maybe I will have a real album to speak of by then, and we can have a metal set featuring TBOD. ha ha, just thinking out loud.
but wouldnt it be awesome.

Musical genius fused with pure foolishness

A rap by bunny freeze and met-syndrome (A.K.A: masa and steve)
Please enjoy, and dont critisize.
It was just for fun and it didnt take much of the lords precious time.
Sit back and listen to 1000 concubines. I garantee a grin on your face.

Sep 8, 2007

Album update.

Ok so I had a bad cold for the last 4 days, I feel very very weak.
but now that I recovered, work on the album is in progress.
I still have a scratchy thraot, so vocals wont happen anytime soon.
wrote a few more rhymes while I was in bed though, had alot of time so they turned out rather well. Steves studio is being used for other purposes and the room the I was using before is far to hot to record in, so here I am sitting on my couch in my room, not ideal for recording, but I have to make do with what I got.
I hope I can finish this project before I go, I have 16 days left.
time is short, health is low, and my comp is acting up. itll take a miracle to get this thing done, pray for me.

Aug 31, 2007

Receipe for happiness

Step 1: go out and buy a bottle of Myers rum, and a vanilla super cup.
Step 2: after returning home empty the icecream into a bowl.
Step 3:carefully pour the rum on the icecream.
Step 4:grab a spoon, sit on a comfy couch, listen to metal, and enjoy your "super rum cup"

Its great stuff, you gotta try this. Its kinda of a weird sensation, it warms your chest, yet you feel somthing cold going down your throat. oh to think that this is only a fraction of pleasure than that to heaven. think on these thoughts as you enjoy your bowl of fire-ice.

Aug 29, 2007


ok so the progress on my album as been....lets just say slow. Steves comp rejects my UX2, studio time highly limited, when I do have studio time Im usually too tired to scream, and other forces beyond my controll intervening. anyways if this album works out it will be a miracle. whatever the case is you can be expecting at least some singles or maybe 5 or 6 song realsed together as a mini album, but still not near the fraction of what I originally intended. the quality also, because of the reasons stated above, might be compromised. still I think it will be fairly listenable. nothin too ronchy, I dont think. Anyways this wont be the end, Im not gonna quite metal altogether after this, I will be busy for the next few months but I hopefully after things settle I can start pumping out singles. anyways pray for my and my inspiration and that I can find time to record.
love you all.

Aug 25, 2007

Shunnie metal

these are done by shun. I have nothing to do with them.
enjoy them. Credits go to Shunnie and his fingers of fire.


Ok so this was at the last summer festival. I rigged up two of steves NT5s 20 or so metres from the stage. and plugged them into my LINE6toneportUX2. with a little bit of steves mastering we got fairly decent sound.
the songs are "Born Free" and "Johnny B Goode" on johnny b goode the piano solo isnt a mistake, if you saw the show you would understand.Anyway enjoy. and dont mind my terrible singing, Florence had strained her voice the day b4 as well, so that explains her tone.

Aug 18, 2007

Christmas Jumbo

This is a GP album by Kando Bando.
We did this one last year when the band was still in its beginning stages.
no new original songs but the new sound for each of the songs makes it worth a listen.

credits go to Kando Bando, we are

Shinji M..............guitar.
Naoto M.............piano/synth.
Yutaka K............bass.
Yuichi S..............guitar/backupvocals.
Florence M.........lead vocals.
Stephen M.........drums/mixing /mastering.

I think steve will agree with me when I say that kando bando has come along way since last year, our style has become more defined. plus we have a little more experience since last year.
Good things are happening with Kando Bando.
too bad Im going.
I will be posting some lives by kando bando very soon.
stay tuned.

Aug 16, 2007

FDTP has got talent

This was a recording done by STEM and Jesse when they were working on the "Heavenly Music" album. but somthing when wrong in the recording of somthing or another(you probably wouldnt notice unless I told you) so they didnt include it in the album. so they never finished it.
anyways FDTP came around and we had a talent night. so each team had to put on a talent show. we were all given seperate topics...and well you know how all that goes.
So us BOBs came up with a great Idea. We used this half done song and put in our own vocals, and we acted and we sang our own parts, like a concert. it was great fun.
we did all the recordings between lunch and JJT and between JJT and get out. thank you Hik for making it all possible! we love you....oh should I have disclosed your name?? ha ha.
we got every one up moshing and stuff, we had a few coreographed dances with sum of the songs and in the breaks. we strapped on guitars, wigs, and cheezy grins for....well the BOBs knew what it was for.Dave had really good cowboy costume and everything.
Mossy played the 80s dude very well. actually we all looked and played our part well.
anyways just listen to the song.

credits goes to the BOBs, we are

Dave------------Country guy
Shonics----------Punk guy
Meg-------------Jazz guy
Kengo-----------"to my sheep, to my sheep, to my sheep, to my sheep"
Abner-----------metal guy / second punk guy
Oli--------------moral and mental support..(we all love you by the way)
Hik--------------costume and make up artist/ lighting and over all spiritual guidence.

Sink or Swim

thanks shun for the lead, and thanks steve for the drum and mix job.

Aug 15, 2007

No Songs.

None of my songs are up yet, just have patience with me. Itll be here all in good time.

Meditation Moments

Welcome to Meditation Moments, I named it thus for the want of a better title....(actually I did have a better title, well I thought so anyways, but it wasnt so....."inspiring".
My name is Yuichi, more commonly known as Abner. I like metal. I try to make metal. this is my Blog. I will post my metal here. Thank you for visiting, and downloading my metal.
Actually theres more reasons to making my blog apart from posting my metal.

Reasons for making this blog listed below.

1. I was going to get my cousin Oli to make me a site, but I didnt have the time or money.
I was going to have it like my "official site" for posting my music, but it didnt work out, bummer.
So I will post my music here. Plus I dont have to bother other people about advertising my stuff.

2. Im going on a trip to the states soon, and I probably wont have time to write each and everyone of my buddies in Japan (although I would love to). So its a great way to stay in touch.
and I can post some pics of my adventures here and we can all comment on them and stuff.

3. Well I think itll be fun.

So please come here if your bored, need metal, or just looking to look around....actually dont do the last one so often (its a waste of time!) anyways, peace out bretheren.