Nov 25, 2007

300 to the death.

this was made by Neo. we all love him dont we? if there was ever a dedicated fan for all family music it would be him. amen?
NOTE to Neo; I really enjoyed how you matched up the words to the song with the scenes. good job.
peace out bretheren.

Random pics.

the lighter one is...whatever.
the shotgun shots are after a dove hunt.
the frizzy hair freak of a woman is a person who likes to call herself "older sister".

Nov 12, 2007

Squirrel drive!

This was AWESOME! we woke up early that morning to help our selves to the squirrels in the oaks with 12gages. I got 2, Jo got 1 but it was the biggest, and the small pathetic malnourished one is James. after we got home we skinned the squirrel we shot and tanned the hides. we have yet to eat the meat, and frankly I'm not too "jazzed" about the idea but dad insists we do.

Nov 11, 2007


Last night, a white monkey ambushed me in the trailer, I reached for the shotgun, when I thought, if there was ever a kodak moment, it was now. I reached for the digital camera instead.
this skinny specimen is called a Keither. enjoy. I love my little brother.

Nov 5, 2007

Ok so I bet youre all wondering where I mysteriously disappeared. Well for the last month I have been in south Carolina and I will be here also for the following month. I am now a deer processor, I know what your all thinking and well its not that bad. my job consists of skinning, butchering, processing and packing. I work on average 10 hours a day. So heres of few pics for those who are interested. (the pics shown were only taken in the skinning part of the process.)