Sep 27, 2008


Too bad I wasnt there for this, I wish I left earlier this year. this Gator is 11.5 ft,thats huge.

anyway thought Id share these pics with the world.....

Stay tuned I will be in the states in 2 days and I will be more faithful with my blog, I promise.

(Note: since the bat pics were offensive to some, Please know that Im not a morbid psychopath of some sort, I just really enjoy hunting and skinning and stuff, thats all.)


Sep 10, 2008

Bat Hunt.

Ok, I will be honest, I havent been working on my album every minute of my freetime.
I still need to have some relaxation and fun. So between recording sessions, lyrics writing, working out, Memorization, the occasional movie, and daily walks with Maria. I make Crossbows. Now these are not toys, regardless of what they may look like, or what they have been built out of. The crossbows I make are actually pretty efficient killing machines....for smaller animals that is, and the amazing thing about it is that I make it out of 100yen store goods, thats right! 100yen store goods.(a 100yen store is basically a dollar store) This crossbow above cost me about 600 yen to make. So its a great hobby for many reasons, like its cheap for one, it keeps my mind working, and the fruits of my labor is sweet! This black one here is the 8th model..I think. and its second to the strongest, the strongest one I made for Dan, but its not as acurate so I prefer this baby. But be not decieved thinking this one is the weaker because it can still shoot a dart through 9 beer cans and fall out the other end. here are a few pics of our latest adventures with this crossbow.

Sep 4, 2008

HellRazer hats.

As a sign of good will and for your reassurance that Im not goofing around,
someone wanted me to post a demo of one of my new songs just to keep you all patient but it would spoil the song when it was properly produced.
So for now just take this token of good will.
Its the first of its kind, a HellRazer hat! woopiee! Now this isnt official HellRazer merchandise, but it might lord willing, I just dont have the financial means to mass produce it. unless someone wants to give me heads up where to find a cheap deal for hat making.
so yeah keep it in your prayers. and have a nice day.

Sep 3, 2008


I regret to inform you all that the album will once again be postponed.
But trust me when I tell you I am not goofing off and this album has been consuming and continues to consume the majority of my free time. I want this album out more than anyone, so I hope this reassures you that it will get done. Things have been really busy as of late,(Im sure for all of you too) and for lack of time and more pressing matters the album will be released at a later date.
From later this month I will be heading back to the states and will be there for 3 months,for this reason I wont be able to work on the album in a while, so Im tying up the loose ends and tabbing out the remainder of riffs that need to be writen out before I go.
Once again sorry for the delay, please keep me in your prayers as that will make this album come out when it should and how it should.

Jun 7, 2008

Album Progress

Thanks again for all those who signed. You have my sincere gratitude.
Well, this post is to reassure you that the album is getting worked on and that your signatures will not be in vain.
I have Shiro working on the cover now, and it's looking awesome(thanks Shiro).

This album will be very different from the first for a few reasons.

1. This coming album will be a mixed album as it will have my songs along with Metal Factory(Shun and Shiro) songs. Of course it will all be Metal.

2. Also my style has drastically changed since last year, from Metal Core to Groove Metal with a touch of Death Metal and maybe a hint of Symphonic Metal in the mix.

3. Also what will set this apart from the last album is the people working on it.
Yo-kun has agreed to play some keys on the tracks,  Mike D has agreed to drum for my songs, and Shiro will be drumming the Metal Factory numbers.
Shunnie will be playing all the guitars on the Metal Factory songs and playing leads on my songs.
Phil N. will be recording Mike and Shiro's drumming.
And Finally Steve M. will be giving the tracks the breath of life with his mixing and mastering techniques.

As for when the album will come out, even I dont know. But I assure you if this album does indeed reach completion it will be available for download by the end of september latest ,or the end of august earliest.

Again, thank you musitians all for your help and talent. there's no possible way I could do this without you.  And thank you all (everyone else) for your support.

May 8, 2008

Your Help Greatly Appreciated!

A big "thank you!" to all those who signed thier names on the previous post, you have my sincere thanks and my genuine gratitude. This Album would not be possible without your support.

Apr 22, 2008

"Bounty Of Dragons" Need Your Help!

I have been working on my second album for the last 2 months or so, and the time has come for me record it,
but one of the homes that Im going to record it at is rather skeptical about the idea.
Alot of the home members are a little bit hesitant to let me record it as theyre not exsactly metal lovers, if you know what I mean, but I think they will have a change of heart when they know exsactly how many young people like and enjoy this aggressive genere.
So to all family metal lovers, I need your names!(your full names) to help back me on the production of this album.
Spread this message far and wide! send it to all of your contacts in your address book. post it on your blog. this album depends on YOU.Iif you dont care for it then dont sign. but if you want to hear this album then please sign.
just type your name under this post.
thank you for your support.

Feb 17, 2008


For vaction i went snowboarding yay! it was great fun. it took like a half hour to get it down but once I got it it was smooth sailing from there. man you can get some speed on those things. I mean rollerblading takes energy on your part to get speed, and even then theres a limit, unless your going down hill but kinda freaky because if you fall then you can really do some damage.
but snow boarding is like no fear, you can just speed well almost fly! and if you fall you can just laugh it off and keep going. great rush. good times.

Jan 14, 2008

Redneck Woman.

This song is dedicated to all my friends and sibs in South Carolina, this is the best!!
Nina, I would like to dedicate this especialy to you.
Awwwww, man this made my day.

Jan 11, 2008

Happy Holidays!

A late Merry Christmas and a Happy belated New Year, from Maria and I to all our friends and family. We love you all. May all your Christmas wishes come true and all your new year resolutions be kept. much love.