Apr 22, 2008

"Bounty Of Dragons" Need Your Help!

I have been working on my second album for the last 2 months or so, and the time has come for me record it,
but one of the homes that Im going to record it at is rather skeptical about the idea.
Alot of the home members are a little bit hesitant to let me record it as theyre not exsactly metal lovers, if you know what I mean, but I think they will have a change of heart when they know exsactly how many young people like and enjoy this aggressive genere.
So to all family metal lovers, I need your names!(your full names) to help back me on the production of this album.
Spread this message far and wide! send it to all of your contacts in your address book. post it on your blog. this album depends on YOU.Iif you dont care for it then dont sign. but if you want to hear this album then please sign.
just type your name under this post.
thank you for your support.