Jun 7, 2008

Album Progress

Thanks again for all those who signed. You have my sincere gratitude.
Well, this post is to reassure you that the album is getting worked on and that your signatures will not be in vain.
I have Shiro working on the cover now, and it's looking awesome(thanks Shiro).

This album will be very different from the first for a few reasons.

1. This coming album will be a mixed album as it will have my songs along with Metal Factory(Shun and Shiro) songs. Of course it will all be Metal.

2. Also my style has drastically changed since last year, from Metal Core to Groove Metal with a touch of Death Metal and maybe a hint of Symphonic Metal in the mix.

3. Also what will set this apart from the last album is the people working on it.
Yo-kun has agreed to play some keys on the tracks,  Mike D has agreed to drum for my songs, and Shiro will be drumming the Metal Factory numbers.
Shunnie will be playing all the guitars on the Metal Factory songs and playing leads on my songs.
Phil N. will be recording Mike and Shiro's drumming.
And Finally Steve M. will be giving the tracks the breath of life with his mixing and mastering techniques.

As for when the album will come out, even I dont know. But I assure you if this album does indeed reach completion it will be available for download by the end of september latest ,or the end of august earliest.

Again, thank you musitians all for your help and talent. there's no possible way I could do this without you.  And thank you all (everyone else) for your support.