Jan 5, 2009

Be of good cheer!

The Lord is really pulling this album through, everytime we hit a bump with this project and all seems lost, he manages to pull it through inspite of hopelessness.

As of now the album looks like it will be complete by the end of february, I wont promise anything because its completly in the Lords hands. So keep praying it through.

I will be recording soon so I will be very busy but I will try to find time to update this thing to keep you guys posted, sorry I was sucha delinquent when I was at the states, but it seems I barely had time for even sleep when I was there, no joke. hopefully I will be posting more pics of when I was there and telling you of some of the adventures and stories of my stay there.

untill then stay tuned.


1 comment:

Philip said...

Awesome! been a long time coming, but no complaints....just glad the Lord and you are still helping it along! Waiting.....