Mar 20, 2009

Progress Report

Ok Im sorry for leaving you all in the dark the last month.
I was very busy.
the album has been going great, Im really happy with the sound were getting and I think you will be too.
We are now in the last stages of vocals and lead guitar overdubs, mixing is 50% done...(i think)
My new web site is also bieng built and the last few details that need ironing out are bieng taken care of.
Im going to get my own domain and hosting so if I have songs to up-load you cant download directly from the site.
Lord willing this album will be done by the beginning of next month but there is a possibily that I will realese it
a few days later.
Once my site is up I might put a teaser for the album up,
so be patient and keep you eyes and ears open, the album is on the way.