May 22, 2009


Good News!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen your eyes doth not deceive you!

This is the link to my new website which has my teaser/trailer for my new album "HellRazer"

I first apologise for my prolonged online silence but I was busy, I hope you understand.
Secondly I thank you for your prayers and patience, both are greatly appreciated.
I'm sure some of you already noticed but my album cover is different, the reason or reasons 
for this change are many but mainly something to do with the song "Horn of the Lamb"  
never being written. 

Anyway, when my album does come out they will be available on itunes or some other music distribution site akin to that. 
But it might be another month or so before I can get that going.
For now I wil have all my songs playing on a radio on my website, its not up yet but it will be within a week or two.

Yes, I know what you're thinking all yee penniless and uneligible for the credit system.
But let me explain my position.
I am not selling this album because I'm a greedy and trying to make money, but rather because 
I produced this album without financial backing by any entity, whether it be Tooth and Nail Records
or WS or JTB, this is a 100% independent operation and as such it is a 100% financial burden.
I only hope to cover the initial expenses for this album. 
but don't worry someone will rip my music and pass it on, so just be patient.